Empty Lungs – Don’t Get It | EP Review

Hidden Pony Records / Rating: Good

Empty Lungs haven’t had the nicest time as a band. Having lost band members, jobs and even had a near death experience it would seem the next thing to do would be to pack it all in, but the trio have decided to do something else: create the ‘Don’t Get It’ EP. It’s a big F you to all of the bad moments the band have had over the years, and one that’s potency fortunately leaks through into being rather inspirational for us listeners too.

The title track kicks things off with a straight forward two minute blast of heavy guitars and crashing drums determined to beat the F out of you. It’s full of venomous lyrics sourced from years of bottled up hatred and desire to put someone in their place, and Empty Lungs do a great job at illustrating this satisfying release. “Losing It. Finding It.” keeps up with the pace with another round of heavy riffage and soaring vocals while closing track “Fragile” slows down a little bit to delivery basslines and harmonies amongst the heaviness instead.

‘Don’t Get It’ is a solid little EP from Empty Lungs. It’s a short little burst of freedom away from all of the burdens of life, and offers a lot of instrumental thunder to keep the listener distracted. If only we all could follow a similar route and be able to say F you to all the people and events we wanted to, but at least Empty Lungs are kind enough to let us in on their glory.

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