Pink Muscles are a Seattle based band and this is our little chat with them. Their debut album The Signal is out on May 1st and considering how the planets have aligned we provided a platform to get them talking about it. You will read about the story of how Pink Muscles became Pink Muscles, the artwork to the album, and the description behind their quirky yet badass genre. Enjoy!

Hey Pink Muscles, how’s it going? First of all, what’s the story behind how you became Pink Muscles? Obviously with your hometown of Seattle, I’m presuming music was pretty easy to get into? When my dad became a dead guy, I inherited his guitar and so I became compelled to write an album with it. Once I finished the demo, I put an ad on Craigslist and almost immediately found Eric Elliott on guitar and Lee Newman on bass. We rehearsed and played our first show with a drum machine before we finally snagged Janet Trares on drums.  Lee recently joined King Dude and we’ve replaced her with Stuart Dahlquist.  I’ve been unbelievably lucky with the incredible musicians that have played this music with me.

Your debut album The Signal is being released on the 1st of May. What can you tell us about that? Also, how did you manage to get such badass artwork for it? It took an eternity to finish it.  We did the entire thing ourselves.  We recorded it, mixed it, everything. Eric did the layout. My girlfriend, Cindy Hepler, did all the amazing artwork.  The theme of the whole album is giant octopi kill everything on Earth, so she pretty much totally nailed it.  We also had some friends contribute to it. My friend Matt Pruett played sax on a couple songs, my friend Nate Hamlett played lap steel on a couple songs and my mom did some background vocals.

How’s it feel to be able to release your first album as a band? It’s still surreal. I started writing these songs three years ago.

What’s the plan once the album’s released? Will you be touring etc…Yes!  We’re doing a ten date tour in late June, playing Portland, Reno, Salt Lake City, Denver, Omaha, Fargo, Great Falls, Boise, Spokane, Olympia and Seattle.

You describe your sound as “Psycho Sci-fi Noise Attack!” How’d you stumble upon creating that kind of noise? Someone else came up with that but it’s not inaccurate. I’ve been addicted to horror movies since I was like, four.  I don’t really find writing about myself all that interesting, so I made each Pink Muscles song its own horror story.  Musically, I was trying to combine my love of extreme metal, no-wave, punk rock, noise music and horror soundtrack music.

How’s the music scene in Seattle these days? The Seattle scene is cliquey but there are plenty of rad bands.  Power Skeleton, Xurs, Convictions, Sciatica, Bone Sickness, Private Room, Dreamdecay, Great Falls, Shakey Blankets, Trannysaurus Rox, Voycheck and MTNS are all excellent.

Finally if you could close out this interview with one last thought, what would it be?

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