Hello! Welcome to another monthly Liner Notes! I was debating skipping this month’s addition because so much has happened since the last that it’d be hard to condense it all into one coherent post, but seeing as it’s the last day of April AND that it was Record Store Day last weekend I couldn’t keep ignoring it. April 2017, you can finally join the others now.

First of all, a day after publishing March 2017 I lost my dog Susie. It was a totally unexpected event that shocked the family and left us a little bit heartbroken. She was the dopiest dog imaginable who continued to enjoy life despite all of her problems, and we did get to walk for one last time. RIP Susie-boo.

Sadness aside, let’s talk about the blog itself. You might’ve noticed a new lick of paint to the logo and overall colour. I felt the blue was a little too generic and quite harsh too, so have opted for a green that brings out the mellow feel I wish the blog to have sometimes. I hope you like it – I’ll finally stop pissing around with the design of it now.

Another thing to mention is a quick note on the submissions I’ve received lately. The primary reason why I decided to write about music is so I could promote new music and help out new artists in the babysteps of their careers. Over the past month or so I’ve noticed a huge influx of submissions coming from unsigned artists, which is wonderful. I absolutely hated having an inbox mostly full of PR companies chasing for words but inevitably not promoting them, so to be in touch with artists and have a casual conversation with them is awesome. Thank you for that. It makes my hobby feel a little more like a hobby and has made writing a little more fun too.

Finally, it was Record Store Day this past weekend! I took things a little chilled and headed into Slipped Discs in Billericay High Street rather than tackle the train to London, and it was incredible. It turns out that Mayer Hawthorne released his Party Of One EP on a limited edition vinyl and that the owners of Slipped Discs absolutely loves Mayer Hawthorne so I gained two new music buds out of the trip on Saturday. I also managed to pick up Tuxedo’s Tuxedo II, a Tuxedo remixes 12”, Spoon’s ‘Hot Thoughts’ and The Distillers Coral Fang reissue on silky red vinyl. It was a pretty successful haul, though I wish I got my hands on the Prince picture-disc of ‘Little Red Corvette’.

With risk of waffling completely I’m gonna end things here. If you took part in Record Store Day then PLEASE let me know what you picked up, and if you’re also a fan of Mayer Hawthorne then it makes sense that we become best friends. Goodbye forever! Until next time. – Adam xox.


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