Howlie’s ‘Dead Dog’ EP Premiere | Next Week

Hi everybody! It’s a little strange to post on the weekend but there’s a very special reason why. Next week, Sounds Good will be premiering the new EP from Howlie, Dead Dog! This is tremendous news because over the last six months Howlie and I have become pretty good buds since he submitted his music in possibly the most personable and open submission email I’ve ever received in my time writing about music. I am absolutely stoked to help him promote his new EP and get everybody and their dog listening to it.

Howlie Week will involve DAILY posts promoting each of the four tracks featured on Dead Dog, with Friday premiering the EP in its entirety. Each post will feature one song from the EP along with a paragraph detailing the creation and context of said song written by Howlie himself. The full EP will be premiered on Friday, with an extensive interview included to keep the satisfaction coming, hopefully quenching your desires in a way you couldn’t see possible.

I’m genuinely excited to be doing this, and would like to thank Howlie for giving me the opportunity to do so. I’ve been fortunate enough to do many cool things and meet many, many wonderful people through music reviewing and this will certainly be one of them. See you all on Monday for the start of Howlie Week!

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