Slowdive – Slowdive | Album Review

It’s always nice to welcome a band back after some time away. My library expanded with the entirety of Dinosaur Jr.’s discography when they returned with Beyond, and I did feel the pretentious hype behind My Bloody Valentine’s MBV. Another name to reintroduce is Slowdive, who after 22 years returns with their new album Slowdive. 22 Years is a long time to be away; it’s almost an entire me in time. I was only 2 years old when the Reading band released their last album Pygmalion. And now I feel old.

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Jerry Williams – ‘I’m Not In Love With You’ | Single Review

Jerry Williams is a hot prospect for the UK music scene, and her latest single “I’m Not In Love With You” shows that she’s willing to bring some bold ideas to the table. I believe I loved her track “Let’s Just Forget It” back in October and since then it seems Jerry’s created a nice little nook in the industry with a set of solid releases in the form of the Let’s Just Forget It EP and previous single “Velcro”, and this new single looks to continue the trend.

It’s rare to have an out-of-love song immediately get the point across, but Jerry Williams chooses to sing it’s title from the first second against an instrumental that seems assured in her decision. Smokey guitars project a blues-y sound that rises up to the air, creating an atmosphere that’s full of mysterious vibes.

The hooks are simple, the chorus sinks into the mind and once again, Jerry Williams continues to make a name for herself. “I’m Not In Love With You” is a solid pop tune, and that surf-rock solo is simply delicious too.

Shmoo – ‘Head To Toe’ | Song of the Week

Shmoo are back with the release of new single “Head To Toe”, a track that’s fortunately easier to type than its predecessor. These guys made it onto my ear radar with their blend of electronic music that remained stuck in the 80s, but in a good way. From the get go it’s clear they know how to take the best elements from their favourite era and create something that SOUNDS GOOD. Hmm, that’s a good name for a blog.

Kraftwerk would be shaking their heads in respect as “Head To Toe” delivers an instrumental that’s absolutely steeped in thick nostalgia for the synthesiser’s heyday to produce a sound that pummels its way into the hips. Shmoo pair this up with a simple, snappy drumbeat that adds some extra groove to the mix while the chorus definitely nails some good falsetto. So good.

“Head To Toe” has me dancing head to toe and makes me shake it all around. It’s a track that knows how good it sounds and needs little effort in making you notice that. Shmoo continue to impress in their short lifespan so far, and I hope it continues for a little bit more.

Liner Notes | May 2017 | I’ve Been Thinking…

Hello everybody! Welcome to another edition of the Liner Notes series. First of all, I must apologise for the lack of content over the last couple of weeks. There was a sudden demise of a previously hailed Internet connection at home which meant that I couldn’t actually do anything, so I had to let the blog go MIA for a little while. I was going to make this week a strong **RETURN TO FORM** for Sounds Good but…I’ve been thinking.

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Howlie – Dead Dog EP + Interview | PREMIERE

After four tremendous days full of premieres and buzz, Howlie Week is coming to an end. What a week it’s been as a lot of excitement and love was shared over each of the four tracks we premiered from Howlie’s debut EP, Dead Dog. It’s brought new listeners to Howlie’s music and new audiences to the blog. I believe that is what we call a rallying success! There’s one last premiere to deliver, and that is the DEAD DOG EP IN IT’S ENTIRETY. You’ve been able to listen to each song from it separately, but now from today you get to listen to the whole thing and remain in its downtrodden, reverb-heavy atmosphere forever.

Check out Dead Dog EP below, and have a little read to the interview that Howlie and I had too. In this interview we talk about the new EP, Howlie’s influences, stylistic choices, regrets and the success of Howlie Week. Enjoy. (Note: it’s an extremely long interview, so you get to listen to the EP many times!)

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