Shmoo are back with the release of new single “Head To Toe”, a track that’s fortunately easier to type than its predecessor. These guys made it onto my ear radar with their blend of electronic music that remained stuck in the 80s, but in a good way. From the get go it’s clear they know how to take the best elements from their favourite era and create something that SOUNDS GOOD. Hmm, that’s a good name for a blog.

Kraftwerk would be shaking their heads in respect as “Head To Toe” delivers an instrumental that’s absolutely steeped in thick nostalgia for the synthesiser’s heyday to produce a sound that pummels its way into the hips. Shmoo pair this up with a simple, snappy drumbeat that adds some extra groove to the mix while the chorus definitely nails some good falsetto. So good.

“Head To Toe” has me dancing head to toe and makes me shake it all around. It’s a track that knows how good it sounds and needs little effort in making you notice that. Shmoo continue to impress in their short lifespan so far, and I hope it continues for a little bit more.


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