Single Review

Jerry Williams – ‘I’m Not In Love With You’ | Single Review

Jerry Williams is a hot prospect for the UK music scene, and her latest single “I’m Not In Love With You” shows that she’s willing to bring some bold ideas to the table. I believe I loved her track “Let’s Just Forget It” back in October and since then it seems Jerry’s created a nice little nook in the industry with a set of solid releases in the form of the Let’s Just Forget It EP and previous single “Velcro”, and this new single looks to continue the trend.

It’s rare to have an out-of-love song immediately get the point across, but Jerry Williams chooses to sing it’s title from the first second against an instrumental that seems assured in her decision. Smokey guitars project a blues-y sound that rises up to the air, creating an atmosphere that’s full of mysterious vibes.

The hooks are simple, the chorus sinks into the mind and once again, Jerry Williams continues to make a name for herself. “I’m Not In Love With You” is a solid pop tune, and that surf-rock solo is simply delicious too.


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