It’s always nice to welcome a band back after some time away. My library expanded with the entirety of Dinosaur Jr.’s discography when they returned with Beyond, and I did feel the pretentious hype behind My Bloody Valentine’s MBV. Another name to reintroduce is Slowdive, who after 22 years returns with their new album Slowdive. 22 Years is a long time to be away; it’s almost an entire me in time. I was only 2 years old when the Reading band released their last album Pygmalion. And now I feel old.

Fortunately Slowdive have decided to reappear at a time where shoegaze still plays a big part in modern music, and the new record proves that they have not lost their touch. Opening track ‘Slomo’ immediately brings the listener in to a world full of vibrant colours as synthesisers provide lush sounds that simply flood the airwaves. Vocals echo their breath into the open air as each lyric float into the instrumental clouds, and the entire track is near-seven minutes in heaven.

This wondrous arrival into Utopia continues as lead single ‘Star Roving’ picks up the pace to take the listener on a journey into the starry sky that’s produced by ‘Don’t Know Why’, while ‘Everyone Knows’ brings the sun back up again. Starting the loop all over again. Slowdive use the momentum perfectly to have Slowdive’s tracks flow so effortlessly into one another, allowing the listener to remain a part of this world forever.

Slowdive is an incredible return for Slowdive. The album is layered wonderfully with numerous guitars, synths, drums and vocals to altogether create a listening experience unlike no other. It also proves that you could spend 22 years out of the industry and return with something beautiful. Let’s just hope the band doesn’t take the same amount of time next time round.


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