The Scarletts – ‘In the Mirror’ | Track Review

Oh man, one of my favourite things to do is promote local talent. The Scarletts are a band from the wonderful area of Southend (reppin’) and this is their debut single ‘In the Mirror’. These guys have been around a little while and have carved a nice niche in the local music scene thanks to numerous live performances all over the county, and look set to finally make their mark with this strong debut.

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Dazy Crown – I Don’t Need a Jacket | EP Review

Dazy Crown return with their brand new EP I Don’t Need a Jacket. As someone who often runs a temperature hotter than the sun, this is very nicely relatable. These guys have been on my radar for a little while now – with their track ‘Peanut Butter Dreaming’ being previously enjoyed about as smooth as it would be dreaming of Peanut Butter.

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Royal Blood – How Did We Get So Dark? | Album Review

Royal Blood have been flying the flag for emerging rock bands in the mainstream and they look set to build upon their strong debut with the release of How Did We Get So Dark? The debut self-titled introduce the world to the duo’s non-traditional set of instruments and astounded with various hits in the form of ‘Figure It Out’, ‘Little Monster’ and ‘Come On Over’, but lacked substance when it came to variation and lyricism. Fortunately it seems this new album builds upon that.

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Queens of the Stone Age – ‘The Way You Used To Do’ | Track Review

One of the greatest feelings to experience is the feeling of discovery. Whether you’ve stumbled across the lost city of Atlantis, found a tenner in your pocket or discovered that you can do that thing with your tongue – discovering something new is what we strive to achieve as we age. I’ve been a huge fan of Queens of the Stone Age since 2007 and recently discovered that all of their cryptic messages and videos has led to the upcoming release of a new album – Villains – along with a brand new single. ‘The Way You Used To Do’ is the first taste of a Mark Ronson-flavoured QOTSA and boy, is it naughty.

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Parcels – ‘Overnight’ | Song of the Week

Parcels have been steadily stomping the ground over the last year or so, but now it seems they might’ve struck gold. ‘Overnight’ is the latest single to come from these up-and-comers, and with the help of Daft Punk, it’s sure to be the sound of the summer.

With the sketchy guitars and moody atmosphere plucked straight from the comedown of ‘Get Lucky’, Parcels take these tools of success to craft a song that adds a needed touch of sunshine to the night sky. Smooth, silky riffs create an instrumental that bubbles and boils over with sharp breaths, and the soft vocals seem to push it onto hot skin. It’s a song designed to keep the feel good vibes going, and adds a particularly sexy undertone to it too.

‘Overnight’ is a song that should appear on numerous Summer playlists, and should be celebrated as one of the songs of the year. It’s simple in execution, but wraps up the airwaves in a way that tantalises the eardrums. Parcels are surely going to be a hit, but that was always going to be inevitable.

The Lunar Year – Herodias | Release of the Week

I’ve discovered some great bands through Sounds Good and one of the very best has got to be The Lunar Year. Since stumbling across their debut single ‘Porcelain’ on a Youtube video and receiving a submission email from them I’ve been hooked. They’ve continued to astound with the likes of ‘Porcelain’ and last single ‘Backyard Deck’ and now they’re ready to unleash their debut album Herodias.

The singles provided a wide scope of sound which The Lunar Year explored wonderfully. The piano-driven ballad ‘Porcelain’ produced a cold, stark atmosphere which was thankfully warmed by the addition of instruments on the folk-collaborative project that is ‘Backyard Deck’. These two tracks showed that The Lunar Year are talented individuals who actively look to stretch their sound as vast as possible to achieve different results, which is why I’m particularly stoked to check out Herodias.

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