Liner Notes | June 2017 | Birthday Boy

Hello! Welcome to another edition of the Liner Notes series. Much like the opening paragraph of last month’s article, I must apologise for the lack of content over the last month or so. If you were fortunate enough to be bummed out by reading May’s Liner Notes then you’d know that I hadn’t been in the happiest of moods, and was reflecting on a lot of certain parts of my life – music blogging included. Since getting those thoughts off my chest however I do feel a little more upbeat about it all, and reckon Sounds Good will be kicking around a little bit longer still. Yay!

I think the primary source of feeling bummed out was the lack of interaction that sometimes comes through blogging. As mentioned in the previous post, this is an industry that shouts loudest when chasing you for a review but disappear upon delivery, so to experience a steady wave of silence each week makes you question if it’s really worth doing. But after some lovely comments and praise from fellow bloggers it seems to brought a little sunshine back into the world, and makes me realise that I do enjoy doing this. So I might as well keep truckin’.

Anyway, this isn’t really the main purpose for this month’s Liner Notes so let’s stop talking. It’s all about JUNE. It’s the host to a lot of events happening on my calendar this year, so you might have to get used to the lack of content for the next month or two. I’m going to be a birthday boy on the 4th and celebrate another milestone towards oblivion as I become 24 YEARS OLD. I don’t really like the look of that number as it’s very close to 25 and that means being old as dicks, man. People around me are beginning to propose and get married and have babies and yet I’m here still wondering when’s the next time I’ll eat pizza. It’s different strokes for different folks I guess. Mine just involves a little more cheese. The other half and I are also going away on holiday, spending the week in Croatia trying not to get horrifically sunburnt but knowing my luck I’m going to have a bright red forehead the entire time. Curse you pasty forehead.

What this means blog wise is that content will probably be a little sparse, especially during that week away. I’ll try to remain active on the socials (especially Twitter as I need to keep Mytacism Music’s ego in check) but can’t promise any reviews will be posted in that time. One thing I’ve realised during this down time is that ultimately, music blogging is a hobby so I shouldn’t break my neck making sure to do everything properly. However, things will be back to normal when I’m back, and I can recommend songs and albums that give me a massive lob on or whatever.

So yeah, that’s about it really. Another thing to mention is that I’ll be changing up the Sounds Good Twitter profile to be a Twitter profile for yours truly instead. I just think it’ll help with the whole social aspect of blogging and make it more entertaining for me, and help me engage with other people easily too. I can also tweet about the struggles of blogging and my real job and it’ll be all okay. Goodbye forever! Until next month. Love you – Adam xo.

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