A Quick Word…

Hey everybody! I will be heading off on holiday for the next week so the blog will continue to lie a little dormant. If I had an ounce of productivity in me I would’ve ensured that a backlog of reviews was built up but alas, I am lazy. I’ll be chilling in Croatia for a bit, and will be enjoying a (probably) well deserved rest and break from all things work and blogging and…life, really.

If you’re desperate to keep in touch then you should check out my ever-present Twitter account. Since changing it from purely Sounds Good into The Life Of Me it’s added a real sense of fun to blogging, and allows me to converse with numerous people/blogs/bands too, so it’s awesome all round. Follow it!

Another little word to all of the bands/labels and PR companies that have emailed me submissions – I know I said I’d make sure to write something up ASAP but as above, I am lazy sometimes. Apologies for not getting that done, but keep up the good word of spreading good music and I’ll make sure to get back in touch with you when I return.

Alright, so yeah, short and sweet has now become four paragraphs! If you’re craving for some new music then please check out the below blogs and websites as they’re dear to my heart and probably do a way better job than I do. See you in a week!! – Adam xox.

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