One of the greatest feelings to experience is the feeling of discovery. Whether you’ve stumbled across the lost city of Atlantis, found a tenner in your pocket or discovered that you can do that thing with your tongue – discovering something new is what we strive to achieve as we age. I’ve been a huge fan of Queens of the Stone Age since 2007 and recently discovered that all of their cryptic messages and videos has led to the upcoming release of a new album – Villains – along with a brand new single. ‘The Way You Used To Do’ is the first taste of a Mark Ronson-flavoured QOTSA and boy, is it naughty.

Josh Homme fully embraces the Ginger Elvis moniker as handclaps and guitars swing together to immediately bring a sense of dance to the airwaves. Homme’s vocals croon and meander through the sound with nimble ease akin to the shaking hips of the tempo, and lay down some smooth hooks that direct the guitars to get lickin’ with some seriously groovy riffs. Mark Ronson’s influence allows the poppier side of QOTSA to shine through but doesn’t water things down too much as ‘The Way You Used To Do’ retains a lot of the gritty heaviness that fortified the band as a solid source of guitar-driven thunder.

‘The Way You Used To Do’ has had me jiving all week, and I’m so excited that Queens are back to bring some glorious music to the eardrums once again. One of the reasons why I adore the band so much is their ability to reinvent themselves with each record, and from the sounds of it Villains is going to be the swinging brother of …Like Clockwork. I can’t wait.


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