Dazy Crown return with their brand new EP I Don’t Need a Jacket. As someone who often runs a temperature hotter than the sun, this is very nicely relatable. These guys have been on my radar for a little while now – with their track ‘Peanut Butter Dreaming’ being previously enjoyed about as smooth as it would be dreaming of Peanut Butter.

The band has a way of producing music that seemingly features no pressure and high chill, allowing the guitars to do the talking and prevent you from caring about anything else. The pleasant opening sound of ‘Euphoria’ immediately floods the mind with this secure sense of casualness which allows you to enjoy the slinky guitars and the effortless catchy chorus. ‘Peanut Butter Dreaming’ follows with a performance that solidifies my previous love for it, and ‘360 Dunk’ chimes in with an upbeat number that surprises me as much as pulling off a sweet 360 dunk would.

I Don’t Need a Jacket is a superb EP from Dazy Crown. This young band are fully in control of their sound and it certainly shows. Each of the five tracks featured keeps the same ideas in place but explore different avenues and directions that altogether create a very entertaining listen throughout. Nice work guys.


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