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The Scarletts – ‘In the Mirror’ | Track Review

The Scarletts are a band from Southend-On-Sea and this is their debut single 'In the Mirror'.

Oh man, one of my favourite things to do is promote local talent. The Scarletts are a band from the wonderful area of Southend (reppin’) and this is their debut single ‘In the Mirror’. These guys have been around a little while and have carved a nice niche in the local music scene thanks to numerous live performances all over the county, and look set to finally make their mark with this strong debut.

With thunderous guitar riffs, atmosphere-building melodies and a heavy, heavy bassline ‘In the Mirror’ is an excellent track that thrives off of it’s ability to produce huge walls of noise out of nowhere. The Scarletts pull influences from the likes of Echo and the Bunnymen, The Cure and The Horrors to produce something that haunts with the traditional sounds of new-wave and psychedelica. The result is a track that’s full of gusto and croons its way into the mind, definitely making a mark.

‘In the Mirror’ is a great track from The Scarletts, and I cannot wait to hear more from them in the near future. For those of you who also reside in the area, these guys are performing at Village Green Festival on July 8th, so I’ll see you down there.

4 comments on “The Scarletts – ‘In the Mirror’ | Track Review

  1. This is an awesome review. Yay for supporting local music! 🙂

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