Fleet Foxes – Crack-Up | Release of the Week

Fleet Foxes are a special kind of band. Since their inception back in 2008, they have continually managed to remain relevant and dazzle a wide audience while also keeping to their original sound. Following five years away from the spotlight curated by the seminal Helplessness Blues back in 2011, Robin Pecknold and co return with third album Crack-Up.

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Corella – Barcelona Girl | Song of the Week

There’s something about new indie bands that brings a refreshing sound to your library. Corella are a four piece from Manchester and this is their new song ‘Barcelona Girl.’ I’ve never been to Spain or had a holiday romance before, but this emerging band have produced a sound that allows anybody to become infected in this taste of love in the sunshine. Now if they were to release ‘Essex Girl’ or ‘Met at Work Girl’, then we’d be talking.

Complete with hooks, riffs and melodies ‘Barcelona Girl’ features all the tools necessary to become a hit for the summer. Corella lay down a steady arsenal of catchy instruments to pack this track with drums that aim straight for the hips, guitars that grab hold of the sun and a chorus that immediately sticks to mind. It makes for some good listening, and adds a little spark of youthful enthusiasm to the eardrums.

I Went to Village Green Festival and It Was Great | Festival Review

On Saturday July 8th I checked out Village Green Festival. A one-day event held in Chalkwell Park that showcased and promoted artists from around the local areas, while also introducing dedicated stages to local Comedy, Food and even a Jazz Café for the more sophisticated folk. Personally I knew little of the festival heading into it and came out wondering why the hell I hadn’t attended before. It was a wonderful day celebrating local talent with gorgeous sunshine and a large amount of access to alcohol.

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Liner Notes – July 2017 | Living In 1984

Hello! Welcome to another Liner Notes, this allows me to chat about what’s going on with the blog and life AT THIS PARTICULAR MOMENT. I just wanted to let you know that I will be away on another break from the routine, spending the next week inside the dizzying beauty of the Lake District. As you’ve probably suspected already I have not prepared a giant backlog of content that’ll churn out automatically while I’m away – I’m too lazy for that, and don’t have enough time.

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James Holt – ‘Whatever Happened To John?’ | Track Review

James Holt is a singer-songwriter from Bolton here in the UK and this is his new single ‘Whatever Happened to John?’ One of life’s great mysteries. Forget who put the screw in the tuna, who threw a pie in Kevin Owens’ face, the whereabouts of the tenner I swear I had in my pocket, this song is here and by god, we WILL find out whatever happened to John.

Having been championed by Brian Eno and played on numerous radio stations, James Holt looks set to have a promising career and this new single is one hell of a wiggle into boogie station. Scatty, Western-esque guitars and harmonicas lay down a solid instrumental that makes you wanna dance like they did in the 50’s. Pianos and drums contribute extra layers of swinging music and the result is a song that makes you wonder if John left the world to pursue a career in dancing or something.

‘Whatever Happened to John?’ is a wonderfully crafted song that’s full of swing and full of reasons to get into it. The instrumental is catchy beyond belief, James’ vocals are entertaining and by god, my feet have not tapped this much in a long time. Nice work James.

Washed Out – Mister Mellow | Release of the Week

2010 was a strange era in Music as it was truly the time where the Internet was recognised as a solid platform for literally anyone to release music and have it heard. It was around the time that the “Vapour Wave” trend washed ashore, and I’ll always have Washed Out pegged down as the main contributor of that. But you know what they always say: if it’s yellow, let it mellow, if it’s brown, flush it down. Fortunately Washed Out’s new album is titled Mister Mellow, so there’s no need to flush today.

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