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Howlie – ‘Reasons to Live’ | Song of the Week

The first taste of Post-Howlie Week Howlie is here! Check out new single 'Reasons to Live' now.

My favourite little butterbean is back! American singer-songwriter Howlie returns with a brand new song titled ‘Reasons To Live’. From the title alone it suggests that perhaps optimism and happiness is something that exists in Howlie’s world now, and as said in the interview with Howlie it seems to mark a new chapter in his music too.

This new chapter begins with a sweet little D chord which immediately floods the airwaves with sunshine, before extending into a riff that would sound perfect inside a certain Weezer cover band. Howlie’s traditionally haunting vocals swoon into the mix, fading in and out to deliver rather touching lyrics like “I can’t believe how fast life flies when I don’t always hate myself”. It’s a nice contrast of talking about depression without feeling totally enveloped in it, which is helped by the instrumental’s uplifting tone.

‘Reasons to Live’ is an absolutely lovely song. Howlie has shifted his lyrical tone to introduce happier topics, which also ties in with the inclusion of melodies and harmonies which go down absolutely well. It’s a nice song that shows the power somebody can feel when they’re in love, and how much it can help make the world a happier place to live in.

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