Portugal. The Man have never been a band I’ve dived into before, but they’ve been around a while and their latest single ‘Feel It Still’ is possibly one of the grooviest songs of the year, so that’s why I’ve checked out their new album Woodstock. I’ve noticed some flak have been given to the band for not producing another album like 2008’s Censored Colors but hey, that album’s still available to listen to.

‘Feel It Still’ grabbed the hips with it’s Western-esque tone, silky smooth basslines and effortlessly cool guitars, producing an instrumental that’s steeped in rhythm and hard to get out of. It’s chorus comes equipped with simple harmonies and easy-to-remember lyrics, completing the checklist for what makes a good pop song.

Fortunately this is a trait that continues throughout as Portugal. The Man do their best to keep Woodstock on the dancefloor all night. Opening track ‘Number One’ sets the tone with drums that remain rigid in their desire to dance, while guitars contribute melodies to sprinkle the scene with little stars of happiness. ‘Live In The Moment’ also chimes in with big booming ‘Howlin’ For You’ drums while ‘Rich Friends’ looks out to become the title track to an upcoming Western TV Show.

Woodstock makes for effortless listening as while the songs aren’t particularly complicated or filled with differing elements and layers, they do come with a deep-rooted sense of groove that allows the record to shine. Woodstock is a solid album, and once again ‘Feel It Still’ continues to be one of the catchiest songs of the year. Portugal. The Man have clearly tried to grab the ears of the mainstream with this new effort, but it’s hard to dislike the music they’ve produced in order to do so.

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