James Holt is a singer-songwriter from Bolton here in the UK and this is his new single ‘Whatever Happened to John?’ One of life’s great mysteries. Forget who put the screw in the tuna, who threw a pie in Kevin Owens’ face, the whereabouts of the tenner I swear I had in my pocket, this song is here and by god, we WILL find out whatever happened to John.

Having been championed by Brian Eno and played on numerous radio stations, James Holt looks set to have a promising career and this new single is one hell of a wiggle into boogie station. Scatty, Western-esque guitars and harmonicas lay down a solid instrumental that makes you wanna dance like they did in the 50’s. Pianos and drums contribute extra layers of swinging music and the result is a song that makes you wonder if John left the world to pursue a career in dancing or something.

‘Whatever Happened to John?’ is a wonderfully crafted song that’s full of swing and full of reasons to get into it. The instrumental is catchy beyond belief, James’ vocals are entertaining and by god, my feet have not tapped this much in a long time. Nice work James.


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