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Hello! Welcome to another Liner Notes, this allows me to chat about what’s going on with the blog and life AT THIS PARTICULAR MOMENT. I just wanted to let you know that I will be away on another break from the routine, spending the next week inside the dizzying beauty of the Lake District. As you’ve probably suspected already I have not prepared a giant backlog of content that’ll churn out automatically while I’m away – I’m too lazy for that, and don’t have enough time.

One thing that has been niggling on the mind lately is my job. It’s a job that quite frankly, sucks. It’s a job that correlates depressingly with all of the ideas George Orwell wrote about in “1984” – a book which becomes a more accurate representation of life as you grow older. My day consists of sitting in a chair, processing the same work while answering to people who consider me a set of 7.5 Hours while they answer to people even higher up who decide things with their pockets in mind having never worked a day in my shoes. My shoes aren’t the best, but still.


It’s a place that doesn’t leave you feeling accomplished as it starts all over again the next day, and the next day, and the next day, and then the next day comes with a little optimistic slice of “Thank God it’s Friday” before you take one breath of freedom before wondering where it all went on Monday. And repeat.

All my years of listening to Punk rock and watching TV Shows about beating the man! And saying “Hey, F YOU, the man!” has left me feeling pretty deflated at my current situation of beating off the man, and that sucks. I’d like to do something that involves actually doing something with my time, something like doing this blog full time that comes with a paycheck and not a hope of something coming round the corner. I wanna already be around that corner going “F Yeah!” instead of hanging out with a bunch of “what if?”s.

I did apply for a Music Editor’s job which described a lot of things that sounded perfect to me. Work from home, feature new music, work from home, write about music, work from home, work from home, WORK.FROM.HOME. Alas I did not hear a response (or I’m not hopeful after two weeks…) which might have been to do with submitting my application at 4am on a Sunday morning, but I hoped they’d see my enthusiasm shine through at least.

I hope this isn’t too depressing a Liner Notes. Why can’t Life be a John Hughes film? On a lighter note, I’m astounded by the increase in followers over the last month on Twitter. It’s made Twitter fun again, especially with being able to tweet about dumb things and interact with you all. I also love that I can poke fun at PR emails and submissions that clearly haven’t spent any effort on making me feel special. So thank you.

So yeah. I’ll be away next week but the week after that I’m planning to write a whole bunch of content, and get some interviews going and MAYBE EVEN get a podcast going too. I also want to take up some people’s offers of contributing to their lovely blogs and websites so there’s gonna be a lot of exposed me coming your way soon. That’s a weird sentence. Goodbye forever, until next month! – Adam xoxox

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