Corella – Barcelona Girl | Song of the Week

There’s something about new indie bands that brings a refreshing sound to your library. Corella are a four piece from Manchester and this is their new song ‘Barcelona Girl.’ I’ve never been to Spain or had a holiday romance before, but this emerging band have produced a sound that allows anybody to become infected in this taste of love in the sunshine. Now if they were to release ‘Essex Girl’ or ‘Met at Work Girl’, then we’d be talking.

Complete with hooks, riffs and melodies ‘Barcelona Girl’ features all the tools necessary to become a hit for the summer. Corella lay down a steady arsenal of catchy instruments to pack this track with drums that aim straight for the hips, guitars that grab hold of the sun and a chorus that immediately sticks to mind. It makes for some good listening, and adds a little spark of youthful enthusiasm to the eardrums.

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