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Welcome to another dazzling set of Liner Notes. Dazzle, dazzle, dazzle. I’m back from my two weeks of pure away-from-work bliss and have returned right in the middle of it. By this time this goes out (writing this on Sunday, 30th July) I would’ve been back at work for three days and I can almost guarantee that I already hate it. It also means that the blog is back up and running! Yay! I do apologise for the real lack of content over the last couple months, but now it’s time to enjoy being a music blogger again.

I spent the past week getting back into writing and sorting out a backlog of content which means I should be able to meet deadlines for each week and avoid burning out for the billionth time. A new approach has been taken with email submissions, essentially removing those that aren’t addressed personally or don’t quote the blog in it. It’s not to make me a dick but last week I scaled down the inbox from fifty emails to twelve…so the new approach is sticking. The biggest change has to be Twitter. Since changing the profile from blog to person, it’s completely revitalised the social media side of blogging for me. It’s so fun being able to Tweet about whatever and engage with people (mostly fighting with Mytacism Music) while also building a bit of noise about the blog too. There’s been a huge increase in Followers since the change occurred and yeah, that’s awesome.

Anyway, enough about the blog. Liner Notes usually documents a new desire of mine each month, which is great to look back on and feel depressed about. This month is gonna be about vanity and how I need to embrace it. As I type this I’m rocking a hairstyle that’s short yet slightly overgrown, with stubble that grows fast but not full, and a torso that seems to stick out a little too much. I like to think of it as being on the verge of Dad-bod.

I’ve always been one to constantly check the mirror, but that’s mostly to ensure I’m not coming into a room with a little green neighbour under my nose. So it’s less about overconfidence and more about protecting my low self-esteem. As a kid I was blessed with a high metabolism which meant that I could eat whatever and not feel the effects but since falling into adulthood I’ve noticed a significant slowing down. It’s probably been halted by the regular inhalation of pizza and other fast food, as well as having a job that involves sitting down for eight hours, but still.

The other day I spent half an hour staring at my face in the mirror. Like, REALLY staring at it, and noticed that I had eyebrows that begun to sprout out and onto my forehead. Mental. I then spent another half an hour plucking said straying hairs from my forehead and temples. All I could think was “WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?” and “HOW LONG HAVE I BEEN LIKE THIS?”. It was mortifying, and made me decide to try and sort it out.

So this month I’m going to look into moving a little more. Whether it’s picking up jogging or working out at home or whatever, I’d like to do something that helps me not fear seeing a picture of me on Facebook again. I just want to be a pretty princess once again. Goodbye forever! Until next month. – Adam xoxoxo

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