There’s been a recent surge of female singer-songwriters on the blog this year, all of which have gone down well with readers and listeners alike. Another name to join the likes of The Glass Child and The Lunar Year is STACEY, a Canadian lady who’s new song “First Move” is a wonderfully simple little love tune full of goodness.

Directed by sombre piano chords and backed up with spacey drums and synthesisers, “First Move” slips into the eardrums with an insatiable instrumental that’s hard to dislike. STACEY’s vocals croon their way amongst the atmospheres, meandering effortlessly from high and low to lead the track into its huge chorus – producing a kind of ballad that immediately makes this track extremely difficult to not stick on repeat.

It’s so good. STACEY’s created a love song that simply wishes for someone to initiate things, and perfectly illustrates her growing impatience along the way. The same way I feel when waiting for pizza to be delivered.

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