Until February 2017, Darrah lead a punk band from Canvey Island called The Ends. Growing up they were one of my favourite bands in the local area, and genuine heartbreak was felt when they announced that they would be splitting. In an interesting turn of events, Darrah has broken out and started making his own music, and the first taste of that is new single ‘Can’t Tax The Sun’. It’s like a Canvey Island version of One Direction or something.

Darrah’s sound detracts from the punchy sounds of The Ends and heads into a more sunshine-kissed direction. ‘Can’t Tax The Sun’ boasts a particularly jangly set of chords against sunsetting synthesisers and simple drums to produce a song with a pretty sweet sound. The chorus lazily strolls its way into your head, and suddenly you find yourself Wikipedia-ing about possible sun tax at 4 in the morning.

‘Can’t Tax The Sun’ is a wonderful sleeper-hit for the summer. Darrah has made an impact with his first song as a solo artist, and I look forward to hearing more from him.


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