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Co-pilgrim – Moon Lagoon | Release of the Week

Co-pilgrim deliver yet another stunning album in the form of Moon Lagoon.

Co-pilgrim have been one of the standout bands discovered through music blogging. Their 2014 effort Plumes remains one of my favourite albums of all time, and I’m so glad they answered the lugholes’ open music invitation – they’ve been satisfied ever since. This year they return with new album Moon Lagoon, their third in as many years.

What draws me to Co-pilgrim’s sound is their use of sunshine harmonies, often paired against equally bright instrumentals. This vast accessibility makes it easy to dig deep into their music, in which you discover lyricism and melodies often steeped in heavy topics and generally emotive themes. Moon Lagoon achieves the perfect balance between the contrasts, kicking off with opening track “Turn It Around”. The album’s first offering introduces the listener to the band’s traditional acoustic melodies before blanketing it with lo-fi guitars, adding a certain crunch to the mix which was incorporated gently on last album Slows to Go.

The addition of distortion adds a little bit of urgency to Co-pilgrim’s sound, enabling songs such as “You’ll Look Pretty as a Picture When the Acid Rains Hits Ya” to be punchy in their desire to be catchy. The payoff is heard throughout as the title track succeeds at becoming a little lo-fi hit for the band, providing just enough groove for even the biggest slackers to dance to. There’s a real sense of fun to this record; the likes of “I’m Not A Wallflower, I’m The Wall” and even the near-six minute closer “Wouldn’t You Like To Dance?” come prepared with a deep desire to add a bit of swing to the airwaves.

It’s the most fun I’ve had listening to a record in a while. But even the longer cuts of Moon Lagoon add something to the experience. While “Cylindrical Fire Escapes” clocks in at a beastly seven minutes it still retains an instrumental that intrigues and pleases throughout. It’s a testament to Co-pilgrim that they’re able to branch out into the atmosphere and still find new ways to entertain, especially considering their productivity over the last couple years. Moon Lagoon is a superb album full of reasons why you should check out Co-pilgrim, and why they continue to remain one of my favourite bands.

2 comments on “Co-pilgrim – Moon Lagoon | Release of the Week

  1. A superb review Adam. Your writing still amazes me with lines like “sunshine harmonies, often paired against equally bright instrumentals.” I like the sample track, and will have to check out more of their music.

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    • Thank you Jeff! Co-pilgrim are a wonderful band who I’m so glad to have discovered many years ago. Their sound is unlike no other and makes it easy to come up with sentences such as those. Their album Plumes is phenomenal.

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