Queens of the Stone Age – The Evil Has Landed | Song of the Week

Oh goodness me. Last week I arrived home from work to the greatest of news from Reddit – QOTSA’s upcoming new album, Villains, has leaked. This was arguably the Wedding Day of news for me, as QOTSA have been my favourite band since 2007. My love for them hit a new level in 2013 as personal demons collided with Josh Homme’s demons on …Like Clockwork and formed a special connection that helped me recover and come out with a QOTSA-branded left forearm. Right now comes the release of “The Evil Has Landed”, the second single from the upcoming Villains and a solid reminder to not check out the leaked version of the album.

Clocking in at a monstrous six minutes, “The Evil has Landed” showcases all of the talent QOTSA have procured over the years in creating soundtracks determined to punch you in the face while keeping a firm grip on the hips. Spiralling, chaotic guitars project a riff that immediately confuses the mind before a thunderous rhythm section kicks in to keep things on the straight and crazy. The main riff kicks up all sorts of dust as it struts it’s way into the spotlight, easily becoming the catchiest set of guitars in QOTSA’s discography.

But it’s the closing half that really gets the ground moving. A thunderous riff clatters into the mix after an announcement of “HERE.WE.COME.” to knock the socks of every set of feet within the vicinity. It’s 50’s-style strumming screams of a juiced-up Eagles of Death Metal sound but lets loose with a give-no-fuck attitude that this song and previous single “The Way You Used To Do” oozes with, capping off an excellent thrill ride of exhausted satisfaction.

“The Evil Has Landed” is a superb song, and sounds so much better here than it does on the leaked version of the record. Villains is set to become the aftermath of …Like Clockwork’s vulnerability, and bring back the good times of not giving a fuck once again.

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