One thing I’ve learned about social media is that it keeps you connected to everybody, all the time. As scary as that is, it also opens the door to some cool connections. Nth Cave stumbled upon me thanks to the ongoing beef I have with fellow music blog Mytacism Music over Twitter, and after hitting me up with a submission email full of flattering words, I have the pleasure to tell you about their track ‘Bass’.

‘Bass’, unsurprisingly, features a bassline that dominates the spotlight with an ability to creep and sneak it’s way towards the feet. It’s danceable quality shines through the murky guitars which clatter and wail in the background, while also allowing the female vocals to deliver a solid performance too. It makes for some good listening, as Nth Cave let loose with some powerful moments to make ‘Bass’ hit you over the head with it’s lo-fi goodness.


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