Toby Charles – All My Words | EP Review

Toby Charles is a musician from Worcestershire and this is his latest EP All My Words. Do you ever wonder if you’re close to using up all the words you’re allowed to say in this world? Like, is there a limit onto how many words you could say? As a quiet dude, I have little to worry about in that respect. But Toby Charles has got himself a lot to say on this wonderfully delightful little EP.

Projecting a big soulful voice, Toby Charles kicks off the EP with ‘Smile’. This upbeat number combines sunny acoustic chords with thumping drums and an overall sense of happiness to really drive home it’s uplifting message. The chorus blooms with a huge wall of vocals coming forth to deliver a huge moment of pure bliss, and it all makes for some lovely listening.

‘It’s You’ seems VERY assured that a particular person is the one, whereas ‘Into Your Arms’ slide into place with a jangly acoustic melody that would make any fingerpicker jealous (I know I am). It’s whistling melody halfway through makes me fall completely in love with it – it’s truly a lovely song. Closing track ‘My Love’ heads back into the soulful side with a sensual little instrumental that really seeps into the hips while Toby does his thing on the vocals, rounding off what has been a very nice listen.

All My Words is a sensational EP from Toby Charles. This dude has got some killer talent in him, and it reflects throughout with a collection of songs that are filled with hooks, melodies and a strong desire to groove too. Nice work.

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