Happy Birthday Sounds Good | 1st Birthday – Thank YOU!

Just a little thank you to those who have made the first year of Sounds Good oh so wonderful.

Hi everybody! Thank you for attending the 1st Birthday of my wonderful baby blog, Sounds Good. It’s been up all night impatiently waiting to open up all of it’s presents and nearly ruined everything. BUT CAN YOU BLAME IT? I sure cannot. So please join me in singing, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you…

Okay that’s weird. As mentioned on Twitter, I have recorded a little message just to say thank you to all of you who have been involved in helping this first year of Sounds Good be the most fun and exciting year I’ve had as a guy who writes about music. It was originally going to be a video message, but my face did not look great on camera, so nevermind. To those of you I might’ve forgotten to mention, please don’t be hurt by it, I was tremendously sweaty and was on the 15th take of this bloody thing.

As a little thank you to all of you, I’ve decided to showcase my awful guitar & singing skills and recorded a little cover of Queens of the Stone Age’s ‘I Sat By The Ocean’. They’re my favourite band (no shit) and that song in particular is one that’s very special to me, so what a great way to pay homme-age (get it?) by ruining it for all of you. Enjoy!

Listen to “Sounds Good | 1st Birthday | Thank You”.

Listen to “Sounds Good’s 1st Birthday | “I Sat By The Ocean” Cover”.

To all of the fellow bloggers, artists, bands, record labels and PR companies who have contributed to making the first year of Sounds Good so good, thank you so much, I love you so hard. Here’s to another year!

About AdamSG

Music writer from the UK. Always striving to bring good vibes to the music reviewing community. No more negativity, just post what Sounds Good.

4 comments on “Happy Birthday Sounds Good | 1st Birthday – Thank YOU!

  1. Nice to hear your voice Adam. And good job on “I Sat By the Ocean.” The applause is amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

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