UNBLOOM – “No Other” | Song of the Week

Now this is a good song. ‘No Other’ is the latest single to come from UNBLOOM, who is just about to release his new EP This Could Be Everything / This Could Be Nothing. Collaborating with Davey on the vocals, this is a song that focuses on the moments of regret that come with trying to have a good time. I’ve experienced this many times, with the most notable being the second swig of Polish Vodka and immediately throwing up in the toilets of The Noak Bridge pub. Sorry about that.

With bouncing synths, jovial drums and an overall sense of happiness going on, ‘No Other’ could be the perfect soundtrack to any good time and certainly has all the tools to do, but it’s arc in the lyricism provides some much needed depth that helps it stand out from the rest of the dancefloor anthems that circle the hips each month. UNBLOOM has provided the perfect dancefloor hit for the overthinker, and it’s a good way to let loose in the music as the lyrics have you covered. Nice work.

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