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Courts – Back of the Mind | EP Review

Local band Courts drop a solid EP in the form of Back of the Mind.

One thing to always do: always start at home. Back of the Mind is the new EP from local lads Courts. I became a huge fan of these guys after stumbling upon their track ‘Feel My Love’ many moons ago. There was something about the band’s blend of hip hop and indie elements that really drew me to them, and I’m glad to say that Back of the Mind features all of that drawing ability too.

‘True Say’ kicks things off with a fast-paced performance that storms into the airwaves and projects and wondrous introduction. Courts pack it full of guitars kissed by sunshine, dropping solid melodies left, right and centre. This combines nicely with the quick vocal delivery, allowing this frantic track to become voluptuous with hooks. ‘Any of Us’ follows suit with a vibe casual enough to get anybody dancing, and contains some funky bass licks to keep Courts firmly gripped to the hips.

Back of the Mind is a great little way for Courts to kick off their careers. This aspiring band have got to grips with their sound and have all the tools necessary to truly get the eardrums dancing (try to stand still listening to ‘Move the Roots’, I dare you). It’s just good stuff from front to back, and yeah, all good things come from home.

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