Margot Polo – “Dangerous” | Single Review

This is a late contender for song of the summer. Margot Polo dazzled with their previous song “Sing Hallelujah” and now come into full swing with new single “Dangerous”. It’s gorgeous, summery beat seems to soak up the remaining sunshine and erupts with an uplifting display of synthy goodness. The male/female vocal dynamic keeps things fresh and allows the vocals to change up alongside the instrumental, which seems to explode with little bursts of Poppy goodness throughout.


Sasha – “Skin Deep” | Single Review

Sasha’s “Skin Deep” produces all of the sounds to fill the sea in it’s artwork. Subtle tropical sounds float across the water while synthesisers pulsate into the floor, while Sasha’s vocals swim in amongst the idyllic waves to make a splash themselves too. It’s easy-going nature makes for some effortless enjoyment, and I cannot wait to dive in to some more. A great song.

Wyves – “Bitch Has Got Problems” | Single Review

With their new album on the horizon, rock quartet Wyves lay down a taste of what’s to come with “Bitch Has Got Problems”. Now I’ve been in a similar situation before – my bitch was crazy, she would always want attention and would always cause headaches if she never got what she wanted, but it turns out that the Puppy classes worked, and my dog Millie became a wonderful pooch after that.

“Bitch Has Got Problems” struts it’s way through the airwaves with a series of lazily strummed guitars combined with a rugged set of vocals screaming out a passionate performance throughout. This thunderous rock song is capped off with some solid guitar noodling and even a saxophone set that immediately coats everything with sugar. It’s great.

Steve Benjamins – “Purification Ritual” | Single Review

There’s nothing wrong with getting a little emotional sometimes. Some songs provide the perfect setting to soundtrack the down times and that’s okay. For me it’s a tossup between QOTSA’s “Villains Of Circumstance” or The Cheeky Girls’ “We Are The Cheeky Girls” for which song evokes the most sadness out of me. Steve Benjamins looks to do the same with new single “Purification Ritual” – it’s hard hitting sound is formed of sombre acoustic chords, atmospheric synths and a lead melody that sounds plucked straight from the heartstrings themselves. It’s a powerful little tune that’s beautiful and full of emotion.

Me Not You – “These Streets” | Release of the Week

The reason why I’ve featured this track – that intro. Good lord. “These Streets” hits hard with it’s muddy, drwling guitars and pummeling industrial drums to deliver something that clocks you in the jaw but leaves a little swing in your hips too. Kind of like a moshpit at a Funk festival – it’s confusing, it’s mildly intimidating, but hey, it sounds great.

It’s full of catchy riffs and hooks, and the vocals croon their way through the heavy tones to add a little sweetness to your day. This is a taste of what to expect from their debut EP Reckoning, which is out now.