Aww, my little sweethearts! Cavalcade return with a new single called “Silver Bones”, the first taste of new music since their debut EP Cavalcade back in March. These guys have been one of my standout discoveries this year and I’m so glad they’ve continued to make music as the eardrums have been yearning for more for quite some time now.

“Silver Bones” lets loose with a flurry of instruments colliding together to produce an intro that immediately clocks you in the face with a haymaker’s worth of riffs, solos and the kitchen sink. Amongst the chorus comes a sturdy foundation of groove which the band stick to throughout, which is also backed up by soulful pianos that add another little touch of texture to the mix. It’s crunchy, it’s smooth, it’s all the different kinds of peanut butter mashed together to form possibly the greatest thing imaginable. I need to try this out right now.

Just before I forget – the artwork for “Silver Bones” was done by Colm McCormack! We also have a little interview with Cavalcade about the new single, future plans and how their first year of being a band has been. Enjoy!

Hey Cavalcade, how’s it going? Tom: “Hey man! All good this end.”

What can you tell us about this new single “Silver Bones?” Tom: “The new single is just about how the other half live really; not seeing the real world around them whilst looking down from their ivory towers.”

Jack C: “Yeah, the song is actually inspired by a real night that we experienced in our local area. From that evening, Tom came up with the lyric “they don’t get this in their stately homes with their silver bones” and we built the song around that really.”

Connor: “It’s a big step up in terms of us finding a ‘sound’ which takes what we had on the EP before, but cherry picks the parts that we liked which were quite heavy, and adds in new elements – it’s a lot more catchy I’d say.”

J Lock: “We’re very proud of it. It definitely has an anti-establishment theme, and our producer said it sounds like angry boys yelling… exactly what we were going for  ha-ha”

Will it mark the shift towards a new sound for yourselves? J Lock: “I’d say that’s the plan – I wouldn’t say that it’s definitively ‘our sound’, but its leading that way. It’s all a process.”

Jack: “Yeah I’d say it’s definitely more of a heavier indie rock with this latest tune, but generally our ‘sound’ is quite diverse. We have a tune called ‘Short Times’ in our live set which is slow and romantic lyrically, compared with something like ‘Midnight Comes’ which is really punky and in your face.”

How’s the first year of being a band been for you? Tom: “The first year has gone incredibly! Much better than I ever expected. We’ve played headline shows, festivals and been in the studio on two separate occasions. Here’s to the next year!”

Connor: “The amount we have been able to produce, the EP and this new single (…maybe even more singles, who knows?) all within a year has been fucking brilliant. The response that we’ve had has been overwhelming; on top of the really fucking amazing venues we’ve played.”

J Lock: “Yeah it’s been overwhelming and very surprising, but overall a lot of fun. But yeah as Connor said, we’ve played some really high profiled venues too like The Garage, The Camden Assembly as well as Camden Rocks Festival.”

Are you performing any time soon? If so, when, where, and how the hell can people get connected to you online?
Jack: “We’re playing a gig this Saturday (2nd September) at The Borderline in Soho for our headline Single launch, so we’re expecting quite a big turnout for it! Absolutely buzzing.

I’d say Facebook is the best way to get connected to us just because we keep a close eye on that one the most, but people can get at us on Twitter, Instagram etc. Silver Bones is also available on Spotify, iTunes and all other major platforms along with our debut EP!”

Any plans for the future? Will we be seeing any other new singles coming from you this year? Tom: “Maybe…You’ll have to wait and see!”

Jack: “Tom likes to keep things mysterious… But yes, there could be another Single on the way… Keep your eyes peeled!”

Connor: “We’ve got a lot of plans and a lot of new songs in the pipeline. We’re actually performing a brand new song at the next gig this Saturday which is an absolute stonker… stinker…stonker.”

Finally, if you could close out this interview with a final word or two – what would it be? Tom: “Trousers.” Jack: “Mad ting.” J Lock: “Tenacity.” Connor: “Jet fuel doesn’t melt steel beams…”


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