Hello everybody! Welcome to another dazzling display of Liner Notes! August proved to be one of the most popular months in Sounds Good’s history so thank you so much for that – Here’s hoping September makes a splash too. I’m sure a big reason for last month’s success was down to a particular event – Sounds Good 1st Birthday! Yep, my little blogging baby successfully defied expectations (my own) and lasted an entire year and what a year it’s been. If you haven’t seen the post or listened to the thank you message I recorded then do yourself a favour and do so right now. – Birthday & Thank You Message

Possibly the highlight of Sounds Good’s birthday is that the cover of QOTSA’s “I Sat By The Ocean” I recorded got featured on Mytacism Music! How insane is that? Emily hooked me up and placed my name in amongst genuine musicians with actual talent! Mental. The post is hilarious and while it triggers an existential crisis in me, it is pretty good. Check it out here – Mytacism Music // Cover Review: Adam Reeve // I Sat By The Ocean

So now we look into the second year of Sounds Good. What will it bring? Will it continue to be somewhat consistent? How long into it until I burn out? Who the fuck knows! But it’s EXCITING. One thing I am looking to do a lot more of is attending live shows, and especially festivals. I only went to one this year and while Village Green was tremendous, it didn’t quite have the tools to quench a thirst of going five days without a shower and/or changing my underwear. So, of course, this is something that needs to change.

Blog-wise I am looking to keep things as it is with perhaps a little dash of redecorating here and there. I’m not sure if you’ve seen but on ALL OF OUR SOCIALS I’ve added some sweet, sweet logos and banners to things (Shoutout to Peanut Mixtape for recommending Canva to me). It’s great because now I feel somewhat professional in this whole blogging lark…after 6 years.

Another thing I’m looking to launch is a proper Sounds Good playlist. After getting hounded by a band to make one on Spotify rather than Soundcloud I put together something that seemed a little rushed, and that’s not good on the people who’d listen and the bands too. Instead I am looking to launch a badass MFer of a playlist with its own logo and banner and absolutely blow your minds with music that’s full of groove and determined to make you dance. We could all dance to the same tune, except it’d be more Napoleon Dynamite and less Bruno Mars.

So yeah, that’s about it really. I’m excited to see how year two of Sounds Good goes and I hope that you’ll stick around for the journey too. Personal life-wise I am looking to get my arse in gear with learning to drive and also knuckle down and finally get the promotion I deserve at work too. So while I have to sell my soul a little bit, it means I can take more money from the man. Fuck yeah. Goodbye forever! Until next month. – Adam xoxox.


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