Island Apollo are a band from Southern California and this is their new single “Feeling You”. It’s all about supporting people who are in times of crisis, which is one of the nicest things the human race can do for one another. The other day I witnessed someone drop their ice cream on the ground and I consoled them. I threw an Xbox 360 at their head.

With a huge instrumental, “Feeling You” offers massive support. It boasts an expansive beat with hard hitting drums, walls of horns and jazzy piano chords to keep things light and fluffy. The vocals seemingly sweep through the music like smoke in the air while the hooks stick deep in the mind. It makes for some awesome listening.

“Feeling You” is a wonderful song that showcases the niceness in supporting a loved one. It boasts a hugely entertaining sound, and certainly cements exactly why Island Apollo have been gaining attention lately. Nice work.


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