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Liner Notes | Study Leave

Oh hello! I know there’s already been a Liner Notes for this month but this is just a little note about something else. As you might’ve seen on Twitter – I will be away from social media for a couple weeks. The reason for this is because I am currently studying in the hopes of passing an exam that’ll allow me to progress in my real-life-human-job and give me more money and a little extra self-esteem too. It involves learning 250 pages’ worth of information about finance which I couldn’t care less about, but it’s what I kinda have to do.

I’ve scheduled three weeks’ worth of content so the blog will still be running smoothly, but there’s just gonna be a little absence of me chatting bollocks on Twitter. My mock exam is on October 3rd, so if all goes well then I’ll pass that and return to social media – if not, then all hell breaks loose. So until then, stay safe and remain pretty! OH, and if you haven’t checked out and followed the Sounds Good’s Good Sounds Spotify Playlist, then DO so. It’s all you gotta do, all you’ve gotta do is…wanna. LOVE YOU. – Adam xoxox.

About AdamSG

Music writer from the UK. Always striving to bring good vibes to the music reviewing community. No more negativity, just post what Sounds Good.

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