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Callum Pitt – “Rabbits” | Song of the Week

Callum Pitt's new single "Rabbits" becomes our Song of the Week!

Callum Pitt seems to be making a name for himself. The young singer-songwriter has only released three singles this year but each one seems to evoke a big reaction from everywhere. Whether it be appearing on radio, or featuring on hot playlists, this dude is making waves. New single “Rabbits” is his latest effort and another reason why you should hop on the hype wagon.

Taking influences from indie-folk stars such as Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes and psychedelic wonders The War On Drugs, Callum Pitt combines both genres to create something that offers sweet melodies and an anthemic chorus to satisfy all parties. His incredible falsetto shines through the verses, especially against the stark, finger plucked guitars and even holds up strong once “Rabbits” is in full swing – snappy, catchy drums add groove to an instrumental that’s bolstered in twinkling pianos and holier-than-thou vocals that seemingly soar into the atmosphere with ease. It’s a glorious song, and yeah, definitely join this hype wagon before it’s too late.

4 comments on “Callum Pitt – “Rabbits” | Song of the Week

  1. You speak the truth brother…

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