Hearty Har are a five-piece from LA and this is their new single “Radio Man ‘56”. These guys are brand new to the music world having released only two singles previously and well, I feel it’s time that we all start to take them under our collective wings and give them the love they deserve. Come hither babies, suckle on my musical teet.

Sounding like if The Beatles took a little dose of sunshine alongside their cocktail of drugs during their psychedelic days, “Radio Man ‘56” tells the story of a radio DJ crashing to Earth to deliver a scary new sound called “Rock N Roll”. Its ambitious context is fulfilled with a dazzling display of jovial acoustic riffs, sparkling synths and all the happiness in the world – throwing you right in the middle of it. Hearty Har do a great job at illustrating the rush of adrenaline that would have been felt through the radiowaves of guitar music that came with a hint of swing, and a desire to dance. Now, where was that cocktail?

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