Liner Notes | October ’17 | How To Write Words

Hello there! How’s it going? Welcome to another addition of the long-standing Liner Notes series here on Sounds Good. As of right now I haven’t written anything in about a month so this is almost guaranteed to be awful. The reason for that is surprisingly not blogger’s burnout but STUDYING FOR AN EXAM, something I’ve taken more seriously this year than I ever did at school.

As mentioned in last month’s LN, I have to complete an exam at work (real life, they-give-me-money-for-my-soul work) in order to finally progress up the corporate ladder, and after two years of digging my heels and holding my Punk rock collection tightly I’ve decided to just get it over and done with. It sucks but if I pass my mock exam (which is this Tuesday, eek) then I can bosh out the real thing and head back into writing again. More specifically, writing properly again.

The scheduled content featured good music but the amount of words alongside them felt a little on the short side. Hopefully you guys didn’t feel shortchanged by that – I was just a busy boy and probably over-exaggerated a mild cold to take a day off work in order to write 20+ reviews to set up for the past three weeks. If I tried to produce fully fleshed-out reviews for each of those I probably would have turned mental.

But yes, normalcy can resume now that the end goal is in sight. Thank goodness. The blog can go back to being active and open for submissions on SubmitHub, and I can finally start replying back to all of those who have submitted music to the email inbox too. Thank you all for your continued patience and hopefully the blog’s been able to keep supplying your eardrums with good tunes – we’re heading closer to the 350 follower mark on Twitter now which is insane. The support on Twitter alone has reignited the enjoyment I once had for blogging, and it’s heart-warming to see it continue to grow.

So yeah, that’s about it. It’s good to be back, and I cannot wait to jump right in the middle of it once again. Goodbye forever! Until next month. Love you. – Adam xoxox.

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