There’s something satisfying about discovering a band in the midst of starting out and getting recognised. It’s almost like you can take pride in knowing about them before things become REALLY hectic – kind of like enjoying a cup of tea during the calm before the storm. Cosmos & Creature are a duo who’s bound to cause a few storms in the coming months having already clocked a couple million streams over a handful of singles, and look set to really ramp things up with new single “Ride the Wave”.

In a world that seems determined to highlight the anxieties and pressures of society, it’s refreshing to hear a track that throws a middle finger up to all of that and concentrates on being empowering instead. Bold statements make up the lyrics of “Ride the Wave” which are backed up with booming synthesisers and hooks that stick right in the heart of inspiration to make Cosmos & Creature the heroes we never knew we needed right now. Its infectiously catchy and brings a little sunshine into the world – thanks guys.

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