One of my favourite things in music is lyricism that adds a cute side to everyday things. Fleet Foxes remain in my heart after singing about the love of stroking a Collie dog and now Holy ’57 looks to do something similar with new single “Canary”. Prince tried to do the same with “Darling Nikki” by talking about masturbating in a magazine, but we don’t talk about that.

Holy ’57 is the moniker of Londoner Alex Mankoo and “Canary” looks to maintain a steady stream of buzz that has followed Alex throughout is fledgling career so far. With it’s palm-muted guitars, funky drum beat and warm brass tones, it’s not hard to see that the buzz will remain alive. The track is so wholesome and it makes for wonderful listening on a Sunday afternoon, and the continuous synth beat recreating birdsong throughout is a lovely touch. What a gorgeous song.

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