Redwood Skyline – “The River” | Single Review

Redwood Skyline is a band from San Francisco (Francisco, that’s fun to say) and this is their latest single “The River”. These guys are only just getting started in the world of making music and well, they seem to be onto something good here.

The amount of good elements to pick out from “The River” is ridiculous. From the passionate male/female vocal dynamic to the guitar tone that seems to have no choice but spill out of the airwaves on the intro, to the bold drums to the sprinklingly-Indie guitar licks – there’s something for everyone to pick out and go “Holy shit, that’s awesome”, so overall, this song is holy shit, that’s awesome. It’s a track that grabs you by the throat and throws you up into the night sky, leaving you mildly confused but also comforted by the fact that they’ve strived to catch you again. It’s great.

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