Sutrobath – “Little Things” | Single Review

Sometimes in life there are times where you feel down about the pathway you’re taking. Whether it’s from a lack of reward in your hard work or just a general questioning of your abilities, we as humans always seem to enjoy picking ourselves apart. When that happens, it’s best to allow yourself to take a step back and look back at what you’ve created so far and realise that hey, you did that. You and your pretty little head thought up all of the ideas that make who you are today, and that’s awesome.

Sutrobath’s “Little Things” highlights how sometimes it really is the little things in life that make you realise that. I have a particular list of little things to enjoy – a dog crossing my path, anytime pizza is delivered to my door, and whenever I say no to doing overtime at work. “Little Things” bigs up these minor rays of sunshine with a seriously scuzzy guitar riff that sounds straight out of the bowels of a Kyuss jam session, and packs it with drums determined to beat themselves to death. The pummelling instrumental stutters it’s way into the hips, carving out a groove that is rigid in execution, while the vocals drawl their way through the atmosphere.

It’s a great little song that rarely strays away from its path but makes sure to leave burning rubber along the way. It’s dirty, gritty and yet uplifting too. Nice work guys.

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