Atlum Schema – The Arrow of Time | EP Review

Atlum Schema is the moniker of singer-songwriter Andy Mort and this is his latest EP The Arrow of Time. Often influenced by Andy’s current life decisions, the music of Atlum Schema brings a lot of personality and emotion to it, and The Arrow of Time is no exception. Andy recently landed a job as a part time undertaker back in 2015, and it’s clear that such a profession has contributed to the overall sound of this new EP to great effect.

Opening track “The Fall” kicks things off with a bluesy instrumental that dabbles in crunchy guitars and sprinklings of pianos, before making way for Andy’s gravelly voice to project all sorts of original lyricism. It’s sound is grand and seems to extend right up into the atmosphere, and becomes a dazzling display of music that aims for the heart. Following track “Best Days” aims for similar ambitions but diverts into a poppier affair with booming drums and super catchy hooks that seem to stick in the mud, adding a little touch of accessibility to the record.

The Arrow of Time is a wondrous listen full of songs that contain a ridiculous amount of depth. Whether you’re stuck in the beats of “Gravel Heart” or “Best Days”, or amazed by the guitars of “The Fall” and “Tomorrow” there’s something for everybody to latch on to and enjoy. Atlum Schema continues to be a source of solid music and Andy Mort should be very proud of what he’s produced here.

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