Sometimes music can be all about raw, animalistic naughtiness. There’s something about a song or record that’s so steeped in lustful ambience that it gets a hold and never lets go – whether it be through a silky bassline, a sketchy guitar riff or lyrics that outright detail a sordid affair, music can be sexy. So imagine my surprise when a band named Sexghost submits their new EP Sexghost//Sexhoax, ooh boy…

“Prologue” gets things going with an ominous set of background sounds and a stop-start rhythm that immediately sets the dark tones of the EP. Guitars lay down thick, fuzzy layers of sound against a tantric beat while the vocals project all of the passion in the world, converting this murky water into quite the hot display of steam. “She Floated Down (Through the Ceiling)” only looks to ramp up the tension with an anthemic display of soaring vocals and roaring guitars, easily becoming one of my favourite tracks on the EP. And that searing solo too, goddamn.

“Sexghost” takes a little step back from the urgency and provides a solid groove for anybody to get down to. The hint of pianos in the background while lyrics of “breasts are like pillows” somehow makes this the more sentimental of tracks on Sexghost//Sexhoax, whilst counterpart “Sexhoax” heads further down the melodic route with a series of vocal hooks that really adds some accessibility to the mix.

Sexghost//Sexhoax is a very entertaining listen from Sexghost. While it begins as this horny being determined to get some action it does mellow out into a steady finish. Perhaps it had a cold shower, maybe it peaked too early? Who knows. But what I do know is that I will be returning to this EP throughout the rest of the year.


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