You know, sometimes I feel like we don’t get heavy enough on Sounds Good. While the music is always good (of course), there are moments where I’d like to feature a track or record that holds no qualms about wanting to deliver a haymaker or two to the faces of those who listen, and fortunately today is that day. Time to get punched my friends. Get hyped, get punched.

Vie Jester are an alternative rock band from LA and this is their new single “Please”, which is the opening track from their upcoming EP and goodness me, it is full of anger. Heavy hitting guitar riffs rip through the airwaves to immediately fill the brain with the desire to headbang, and in amongst this thrash-esque delivery comes a set of additional sounds that add a touch of swing to proceedings too.

It hits hard and makes for some perfect timing to vent out frustrations, Vie Jester have got themselves a good song here. Nice work.

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