Small Skies – ‘Faces’ | Song of the Week

Small Skies are a band from Portland and this is their new single ‘Faces’. The world has seen a bit of a boon period for the sci-fi and horror genres this year and it seems this might be the perfect soundtrack for it. Could you imagine Pennywise jamming to this while he’s chilling in the drain? Would the upside down become a massive rave if this song was played throughout Stranger Things? Who knows, but I do know this – this song is great.

With some seriously distorted bass and preppy drums ‘Faces’ immediately puts a bit of groove into the airwaves. Soaring synthesisers reach for the sky to project a massive laser beam of 80’s Pop into the atmosphere, and it just sounds so good. So good. It has groove, it has a little bit of darkness, and it makes me wish there was a sci-fi series based around a disco-nightclub.

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