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St. Vincent has been steadily honing her craft over the last few years, going from an aspiring modern-day guitar god into a being who likes to dip their toes into the strange. Her new album is called MASSEDUCTION and she’s ditched the wild platinum locks for a Doctor Foster-esque bob and even gotten her bottom out for the album artwork too. Cheeky.

MASSEDUCTION seems to fully embrace the synths that were making strides on 2015’s St. Vincent, which offered a more convoluted, abrasive sound compared to the likes of Strange Mercy and Actor. ‘Hang On Me’ opens up the record with a mid-paced tempo that houses industrial percussion and Anne Clark’s vocals which eventually blooms into a strange, mechanical instrumental that eases the new primary instrument into play. Single ‘Pills’ bounces into place with snappy drums and swooping bass to deliver a playful side to the addiction of taking pills for every single thing in the world. Once the excitement kicks in the song mellows into a wondrous display of soaring horns and angelic harmonies to make this whole pill-taking idea seem pretty…good actually.

Prince seems to influence the likes of ‘Masseduction’ and ‘Sugarboy’ with the former featuring bold guitar riffs and a heavy drum beat that knocks the rhythm into your hips. The latter becomes my personal favourite as St. Vincent lets loose with a Donna Summer ‘I’m In Love’ synth beat and provides all of the over the top dramatics to become a 80’s-esque smash hit. So good.

The rest of MASSEDUCTION flows by with the greatest of ease. Each of the remaining tracks seem to enjoy being a little strange, and love the idea of glitching their way into the eardrums. ‘Savior’ struts it’s way into the hips with a simplistic yet groovy instrumental, while ‘New York’ opts for a piano-led balladry moment or two and ‘Fear The Future’ tears it all down again. It just makes for some very entertaining listening, and produces a record that’s not afraid to twist and turn with each track. St. Vincent has produced something great in MASSEDUCTION, and I cannot get enough of it.

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