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Boogie Board – Dream Telepathy | EP Review

Boogie Board's new EP Dream Telepathy is a real mindflip.

A little while ago we featured Boogie Board’s ‘Tune Out’ and was dazzled by it’s wonderful array of surf n turf goodness. This time around Boogie Board has returned with a new EP called Dream Telepathy and well, time to get the budgie smugglers out.

The title track kicks things with a storming display of lo-fi guitars and vocal harmonies that croon and whoo-ooh-ooh their way through the airwaves, immediately setting the tone for the rest of the EP. ‘Same Wavelength’ follows with a looped percussion against a guitar riff that slips and slides along Steve Denning’s warped vocals, shifting the direction of Dream Telepathy into one that’s a little bit strange. Things get back on track with the stomping riffs and grooves of ‘Cruisin, Movin’ which adds a bit of swagger to the mix, easily becoming the most accessible track on the EP.

Dream Telepathy is an entertaining listen and adds a little bit of psychedelic goodness to the traditional waves of Surf Rock. Boogie Board has done a great job at keeping the EP flowing nicely with a steady blend of lo-fi riffs and high-end grooves throughout.

2 comments on “Boogie Board – Dream Telepathy | EP Review

  1. Such fun! Makes me want to put on my swim trunks and head straight for the Pacific Ocean.

    Liked by 1 person

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