Sounds Good’s Good Sounds | Spotify Playlist (18.10.17)

Hello! As well as providing solid, well (ish) written reviews and recommending the hottest and best new music on a regular basis, we’ve also been curating a Spotify Playlist each week for those who’d like to experience new music directly into their lugholes. The Sounds Good’s Sound Good Playlist offers a short collection of tracks that have appeared in the blog’s email inbox or submission queues, or tracks that I’ve personally stumbled across via Spotify’s Discover playlist or Hot New Bands playlist.

I’ve not really given it the hype it deserves and have been a little sloppy on promoting it, so here’s a big old post about it that should (hopefully) become a regular thing every Wednesday. Below will be the playlist itself, as well as the setlist alongside a little sentence or two on why I dig the track a lot. We’ve got SIX followers so far which is great, so hopefully that’ll continue to grow and we can all listen to good music together. Love you. Enjoy.

Sounds Good’s Good Sounds | Setlist 18.10.17

Talking Heads – ‘Psycho Killer’ | I’ve fallen in love with the new Netflix drama ‘Mindhunter’ and last night the episode I watched had this playing as the closing song. So good. I would highly recommend!

Spoon – ‘Can I Sit Next to You’ | One of my favourite singles from one of my favourite albums of 2017. Spoon can do no wrong in my eyes, and when they kick in with that riff, everything feels good again.

Franc Moody – ‘Super Star Struck’ | Something about palm muted guitars give me the horn. There, I said it. I’m rigid AF listening to this track.

Mike Irish – ‘A Grain of Salt’ | Things head towards a shift in sound as Mike Irish chimes in with this off-kilter beat that’s full of swing and hip shaking accessories.

St. Vincent – ‘Sugarboy’ | As you probably saw on Monday I really enjoyed St. Vincent’s MASSEDUCTION. ‘Sugarboy’ was a particular highlight, as it’s old school synth sound really resonated with me and my hips, and that rolling guitar/synth chorus is superb.

Vuromantics – ‘In The Night’ | Spoiler alert for what’s gonna be featured next week. This song is passionate, full of balladry and features all the hooks you need to enjoy a perfect Pop song.

RUMRS – ‘Rehab’ | Sketchy guitars, snappy drums and a voice that lets loose on the falsetto. This is a song that’s easy to get into and yeah, isn’t it great? Hot damn.

Kid Bloom – ‘Take My Breath Away’ | I bigged up Kid Bloom to do great things this year and fortunately they have. Their new album A Long Kiss Goodbye is superb, and this opening track sets the stage. Warm basslines, simple synths and hooks aplenty.

Brandon Luedtke – ‘Black Mountain Echoes’ | The perfect song to sit back and enjoy a little bit of reflection to. Brandon’s acoustic goods let loose throughout with a myriad of melodies and riffs to produce a truly lovely sound, and it makes for beautiful listening.

Koi Child – ‘Touch ‘Em’ | “…yeah you thought that was itttt” HECK nah fam. Koi Child deliver something that’s loud and abrupt, but filled with horns and fun times. The best way to close off the playlist. Enjoy.

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