Dear Caroline are a quartet from Manchester and this is their new single ‘Felt Like Forever’. I know somebody at work called Caroline, and she’s known for always clomping down the avenues with her thick black boots. It’s a little unnerving at times, but it’s nice to be known for something. Anyway, these guys caused quite a stir with their debut single ‘Caroline’, gaining numerous radio plays and performing standout sets at various festivals too, so this new single should help build upon that early momentum (Spoilers: it does).

‘Felt Like Forever’ comes in strong with a pummelling intro comprised of thunderous guitars and pounding drums before it mellows out in a thick bassline that grooves very aggressively towards the dancefloor. This gritty indie hit is great to let loose to, and allows you to release some steam through the medium of headbanging along to it’s crashing cymbals. It’s a great song from an emerging band who are beginning to find their feet. Nice work lads.


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